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Sherrill & Bros


Growing Organic Traffic Through SEO – Sherrill & Bros 

Results of the SEO Activity 
The Month-on-Month SEO performance optimization resulted in:
  • 16x Growth in Sessions
  • 14x Jump in Monthly Organic Traffic
  • ~10x Jump in Organic Revenue
  • 100% Jump in Average Session Length
  • 33% Jump in Average SERP Rank
  • 67% Organic share of voice
About the Business 

Sherrill & Bros. designs, manufactures, and markets fashionable apparel for men and women in multiple countries across the globe. The brand prides itself on creating genuine exotic skin and fur products like fox fur coats, crocodile accessories, and python handbags. The USP of the brand includes affordability of the genuine handmade luxury items designed by the well-known designer, author, and columnist Marcia Sherrill.

Why SEO for Sherrill & Bros.? 

Sherrill & Bros. is the third business for Marcia Sherrill and serves a different consumer group than the previous two. This prompted her team to build a completely new SEO identity for the brand. This led to a set of SEO goals for the brand to establish an online presence while carrying the legacy of the existing brands.

Three-month SEO goals for the new website were set to ensure long-term visibility and ranking progress:

  • Remove crawler frictions from pages.
  • Optimize products for marketplace listing.
  • Fill the meta gap with additional descriptions and tags.
  • Ensure the website has adequate content for all targeted sections.
  • Optimize internal link structure as new content is published.
  • Improve navigation and conversion rate.
  • Raise the website’s DA and PA to 10+.
  • Reach a monthly organic traffic of 1000+.
  • Increase Organic share of voice to 10%.
  • Improve engagement rate by 25%.
The Challenges 

The four-year-old brand has freshly started utilizing the e-commerce route for growth. The SEO plan for the brand’s new sales channel faced several challenges in the following areas:

  • Differentiating the new brand from the previous and related brands
  • Targeting audiences in multiple geographies
  • Benchmarking while closest competitors are ranking high.

Also, optimize the website to ensure a higher engagement rate, low loading speed, and continued performance.

The Solution 
The priority has been to maintain a great user experience on the website. Dynamic elements on the landing pages, direct voice content, and ease of navigation have been the first steps for the Sherrill & Bros. website.

We identified 50 high-volume KW with an average difficulty rate of 25 to start SEO optimization. We also worked to build a strong backlink profile using high-authority sources like Medium, Facebook, and other social media channels, among other third-party publications.

Meta titles and descriptions were added to all the pages on the website. Blogs and page content were optimized for the selected keywords while maintaining high readability and usefulness.

We optimized Images for higher loading speed and search appearance with correct descriptions and meta tags.

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