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UI/UX Design Services at Exiliensoft

User experience while interacting with your brand decides the possibility of future interactions, advocacy, and cost of customer acquisition. At Exiliensoft we believe in iterating designs that:
  • Simplify User Journey
  • Are Data Driven
  • Are Exceptionally Scalable
  • Bring Smile to Your Users
  • Provide Device Agnostic Experience
The granular process loop for website or app interface prototyping and design at Exiliensoft takes care of all minor flaws. Here are the services that form part of UI/UX design services at Exiliensoft:
Wireframe & Prototyping
User Interface (UI) Design
User Experience (UX) Design
Mobile-First/Responsive Design
Website Redesign
Design Usability Testing





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services we provide

Wireframe & Prototyping

Wireframe helps start the conversation around your digital interface. The lo-fi design helps maintain pace:
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframe Drawing
  • Feedback & Iterations

User Interface (UI) Design

UI design service focuses on streamlining your brand identity while improving user engagement. Offer a unique experience to your users with:
  • UI Design for user engagement
  • Unique Brand Personality
  • Improved Accessibility
  • Drive Conversions

User Experience (UX) Design

A great UI has brought a user to your website once, a great UX will keep them coming back for more. We create user experience design for:
  • Seamless Intuitive Navigation
  • Faster Transactions
  • Improve Retention & Conversions
  • A Smile on Your Users’ Face
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Mobile-First/Responsive Design

The future belongs to smaller, smarter, and more mobile devices. That’s why we focus on a mobile-first or responsive design for:
  • Amplified User Experience
  • Superior Performance
  • Future Proof & More Accessible
  • SEO Advantages

Website Redesign Service

Losing ground to competition? Perhaps you need to upgrade and modernize your website. Roll into the new era of digital business with:
  • Modernized UI/UX design
  • Improved Mobile Responsiveness
  • Better SEO Optimization
  • Regain Competitive Edge

Design Usability Testing

Wondering, if your website and app can deliver better ROI? Come in for a design usability testing service. We will:
  • Iron-out Usability Irritants
  • Validate Design Decisions
  • Enhanced Accessibility
  • Optimized Conversion Rates

Industries/Sectors Served


Health & Fitness

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Shopping & Ecommerce


Education & E-learning

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Banking & Finance

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Travel & Tourism


Media & Entertainment

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Food & Drink

frequently asked questions
What is UI design, and how does it differ from UX design?
UI design focuses on creating visually appealing and functional interfaces. It deals with layout, colors, typography, and interactive elements. UX design, on the other hand, encompasses the entire user journey, emphasizing research, usability, and overall satisfaction. While UI is about aesthetics, UX considers the holistic user experience.
How does good UI/UX design impact user engagement and satisfaction?
Effective UI/UX design significantly influences user engagement and satisfaction. A well-designed interface enhances usability, reduces friction, and guides users seamlessly through tasks. Positive experiences lead to increased engagement, repeat visits, and brand loyalty. When users find value and delight in a product, they’re more likely to stay, recommend it, and become loyal advocates.
What steps are involved in the UI/UX design process?
The UX design process guides the creation of user-friendly products. Key steps include research, defining user problems, wireframing, prototyping, visual design, usability testing, iteration, and development. It’s an iterative, allowing adjustments based on insights. The process ensures user needs are considered throughout, resulting in effective, delightful designs.
How do you conduct user research and usability testing?
User research involves understanding user needs, behaviors, and pain points. Techniques include interviews, surveys, and observing users in their context. Usability testing assesses product usability by having real users perform tasks. Methods include moderated sessions, unmoderated remote testing, and card sorting. Both inform design decisions and improve user experiences.
What tools and software do you use for UI/UX design projects?
We have several tools at our disposal for UI/UX design. Usually, multiple tools are used for each step as per the needs. Tools can include – Sketch, InVision Studio, Axure, Figma, Webflow, etc.
How do you ensure consistency and coherence in UI/UX design across different platforms?
We maintain a unified design system with shared components to ensure consistency and coherence in UI/UX design. Responsive design principles help us adapt layouts and interactions for various screen sizes. We conduct regular design reviews and collaborate closely with developers to ensure consistent implementation.