Who We Are

We are catalysts of change, a certified team of developers and marketers pioneering cutting-edge applications and websites. With a focus on innovation, we excel in website and app design, crafting digital solutions that redefine industry standards.

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About Exiliensoft

Transforming Business with our Innovative and Expertise

Our aim is to make your business processes simple through technology

Our core expertise lies in creating scalable mobile applications and websites featuring unique UI/UX designs. Our team comprises skilled designers and developers trained to craft distinctive designs. We specialize in using innovative web and mobile applications to catalyze business transformation, offering creative and effective digital solutions. Our vision extends to equipping businesses globally with futuristic technology, while our digital marketing services ensure their products and services shine in the digital arena. We are a fusion of creative technologists and marketing experts, reshaping the digital landscape with clarity and ingenuity.

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The Man Behind exiliensoft

Meet Our Founder and CEO

Mr. Virendra, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, is a seasoned engineering professional with a remarkable track record in software and web development. Prior to leading Exiliensoft, he amassed extensive experience in various organizations, working on a multitude of technical projects. With a stellar team and brilliant coworkers, he successfully delivered over 1300+ projects.
Mr. Virendra is not just a professional but also an avid reader and logical thinker, enabling him to delve into the intricacies of the marketing world. This passion led him to embark on his entrepreneurial journey in 2014 when he founded Exiliensoft. His vision was clear: to make high-performing, scalable apps accessible to all.
Starting with a small team of 5 to 8 members, he has since nurtured his brainchild into a thriving team of 50+ members. His belief in building a strong brand foundation through exceptional websites, functionality, features, and robust marketing strategies has been instrumental in his success. Mr. Virendra is known for his adeptness in fostering effective collaboration and communication among professionals, solidifying his position as one of the foremost entrepreneurs in the realm of communication and marketing.