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Mobile App Development at Exiliensoft

An average smartphone user uses 10 apps per day and up to 30 apps per month. Add the total number of smartphone users (5 billion) in the world, and you can see why mobile apps are such an opportunity for all businesses. Mobile app development at Exiliensoft offers you:

  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Simplified User Journeys
  • Rich User Experience
  • Agile Development
  • Hybrid Solutions

App environments can vary uniquely from one user base to another. Based on your user base you can choose one of the following app development services:

Native App Development

Cross-platform or Hybrid App Development

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Web 3 Apps

AR/VR Apps

Metaverse Apps


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services we provide

native app

Native Apps Development

When you want to focus on either iOS or Android users, the Native App Development service is the best choice:
  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • High-Performance Apps
  • Tech Agnostic App Development

Cross-Platform or Hybrid Apps

Hybrid compatibility offers a seamless user experience regardless of the mobile device:
  • Smartphone & Tablet Compatibility
  • Android & iOS Compatible
  • Wider Audience Reach
  • Offline Functionality

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWA is the choice when you want your apps to be accessible to a wider audience, even in remote areas:
  • Cross-Platform Responsiveness
  • Seamless User Experience
  • Work on Low Network
  • Automatic Updates

Web 3 Apps

Web3 offers complete safety of user data and allows maximum safety. Such apps are best suited for Fintech projects:
  • Super Safe (Blockchain Based)
  • Interoperability with Other Apps
  • Permissionless Access to Services
  • Self-governing

AR/VR App Development

AR/VR apps offer a world of opportunities for creative and engineering projects and services:
  • 3D Object Tracking
  • Smart Glasses Support
  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
  • Geolocation Services

Metaverse App Development

The Meta World leverages the large active userbase and offers endless opportunities for entertainment and VR apps:
  • Decentralized Blockchain Foundation
  • Spatial Computing & 3D World
  • Interoperability within Metaverse Apps
  • User Driven Governance

Industries/Sectors Served


Health & Fitness

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Shopping & Ecommerce


Education & E-learning

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Banking & Finance

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Travel & Tourism


Media & Entertainment

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Food & Drink

frequently asked questions

How feasible is my app idea?
As a mobile app development agency, we can help you assess the feasibility of your app idea. This is made possible through market research, prototyping, and user testing of the app. Based on the results of these tests you can proceed to implement, modify, or drop the development plan.
Who are my target customers?
The user-base decision will be critical to understanding the demographics and behavior for the mobile application’s success. Exiliensoft app development consultants will help identify the primary and secondary audience segments for your app. For example, employees, vendors, customers, family members of direct consumers, or the public.
What app category should I choose?

Selecting the right category, e.g., productivity, entertainment, or e-commerce, impacts visibility and competition. Exiliensoft’s Mobile App Consultants will guide you in making informed decisions and deciding the right KPIs to measure your success.

Are there similar apps in the market?
Competitive analysis before getting into app development will help you understand the landscape and carve a unique niche. Exiliensoft’s expert app developers research existing apps in the segment to understand features, user experience, and market trends.
What is the estimated timeline and cost?
The budget and timeline estimate for your mobile application will depend on scope, complexity, and resource requirements. The cost for mobile application development can start from $ 1500 with a timeline as low as two weeks. The budget and timeline can be extended for more complex projects.
How will you handle security and data privacy?
Mobile apps have multi-layered security structures starting right from the base code levels. At Exiliensoft, app development experts follow secure code practices, data encryption standards (TLS), RBAC, Keychain (iOS), secure APIs, and User Permission practices. Some of these practices can vary based on local regulations such as GDPR, PIPEDA, DPA, etc.