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Feyral Jewellery


Generating 4.5x ROAS for a Unique Jewellery

Results of the Campaign
  • 2.85M Impressions in three months
  • 6x Jump in Revenue from Online Sales
  • 4.5x Jump in Conversions
  • 4.5x ROAS Achieved
  • 2.5x Jump in ROAS in two months
About the Business
Feyral is an Italian custom jewellery brand that offers personalized jewellery pieces. The brand designs jewellery based on photos of celebrated moments with pets or family members on tiny pieces of precious metals.

Starting in 2020 the brand has been built on the love and joy pets and people bring to life. The custom handcrafted pendants and necklaces are designed on precious and semi-precious metals.

The brand offers three lines of products – Feyral Collection for Pets, Pendants for Collars, and Feyral Collection for People.

Why PPC Campaign?
Feyral has been popular with the local customers since the start. However, to realise its full potential the business owners set up an e-commerce marketplace for their products. E-commerce allows them to reach consumers across Italy, Spain, and the UK.

The e-commerce store has been using organic methods like SEO and content to grow. However, the PPC campaign was a good idea as it can start to bring cash flow to the bootstrapped business before SEO and organic actions start to fructify.

Following the benchmark for jewellery e-commerce in the E.U. regions, the goal was set to 3x ROAS for the brand.

The Challenges
Being a new business, the biggest challenge was to gain visibility among the competition and users’ trust. On the campaign level, it was also challenging to set a definite goal due to the unique nature of the products. Also, despite a good social media presence brand’s organic and referral traffic had been low with a meagre conversion rate of just 25%.

One of the other biggest challenges was that we had to run the ads only on non-branded keywords and search terms, as the brand was already running campaigns on brand terms.

The Solution
The brand competes with semi-precious jewellery. Thus, we could follow the benchmarks of the industry and target keywords for suitable user intent. We started a search campaign to increase impressions for the brand.

Simultaneously, we identified transactional keywords and search terms to set up a Performance Max Campaign to maximise conversions.

The Performance Max Campaign strategy also supported the brand’s ROI from its social media presence.

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