Luna Boutiques

Overview of Project
Exiliensoft undertook the task of digital marketing for Luna Boutiques. It is an online clothes and accessories including bags and jewellery shopping site based in Newbury. The clients’ demand to increase the traffic on the website and along with user engagement.
  1. Increasing Website Traffic
  2. Increase User Engagement
  3. Increase click rate
  4. Increasing Social Media Presence
The Objective
The main objective of this case study is to improve user engagement, increase conversions rates and enhance the overall shopping experience through revamping the website.
Tools Used:
  1. For analysis – Google Search Console, Google Analytics
  2. For content marketing – WordPress, Yoast, Grammarly
SEO Activities

Increased Website Traffic: A significant rise in organic search traffic in 6 months.

Improved Search Engine Rankings: LUNA UK’s website achieved higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) for targeted keywords.

Keywords (UK) TRank (06/30/2024) Rank (05/15/2024)
Alpini Knitwear NA 2
Melly Denim Jumpsuit 97 2
Classic Accessories Collection NA 6
The Cloth Shop Newbury NA 13

Enhanced User Engagement: The website redesign and content optimization efforts led to improved user engagement metrics.



Boost in Sales and Conversions: A noticeable increase in sales and conversions
SMO Activities:
Actively Posting in Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn platforms
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

Statistics: Last Three Months Result

graph 1
image (6)

Project Team:

An experienced team of digital marketers worked on the LUNA project to enhance the visibility and increase the click rates. This team consist of following members:
  1. SEO Experts
  2. Content Writers
Project Duration
From: 05/01/2023
To: Ongoing Work
With a team of digital marketing experts, we successfully reached our target of increasing website traffic, social media presence and Google ranking.

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