Luna Boutiques

Overview of Project
Exiliensoft undertook the task of website redesigning & developing and digital marketing for Luna Boutiques. It is an online clothes and accessories including bags and jewellery shopping site based in Newbury. The owner demands an eCommerce Website with more enhanced features and improvised user interface. The aim of the website is enhancing the user experience, visually attractive, and easy to use while shopping.
The Problem
Users faced navigation problems on the old website. It became difficult for users to quickly browse through products which resulted in unpleasant experiences while shopping and reduced conversion rates.
Things We Need to Cover
  1. Making navigation seamless for a better user experience
  2. Seamlessly integrating e-commerce functions
  3. Mobile-friendly for on-the-go shopping
The Objective
The main objective of this case study is to improve user engagement, increase conversions rates and enhance the overall shopping experience through revamping the website.
Technologies We Used:

Frontend Technology:

  1. Figma: Mockups Design
  2. Elementor Pro: Intuitive page building
  3. JavaScript: For dynamic features
  4. WordPress: Content management


  1. WordPress: For robust website functionality
  1. Product Carousel Slider: For captivating product showcases
  2. WooCommerce: For smooth e-commerce integration
  3. Contact Form 7: For easy communication
  4. Payment Gateway: Ensure secure transactions
Solutions We Provided:
  1. Changed Web Design platform from Magento to WordPress
  2. Streamlined E-Commerce Integration that Facilitates Easy Shopping Experience
  3. Responsive Web Development that is Accessible Across All Devices

Project Team:

Our team worked closely together to ensure that every aspect of the website meets the expectations of LUNA.
  1. Technical Architect
  2. Developers
  3. UX/UI Designers
  4. Project managers
Project Duration
Website Designing & Development –
From: 04/01/2023
To: Ongoing Support
The collaboration between the two companies led to:
  1. A visually stunning website that embodied LUNA’s own unique style…
  2. Improved user engagement and conversion rates
  3. Shopping functionalities that made selling easier, thus driving up sales and customer satisfaction
  4. Easy and safe Transactions
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The Impact and Lessons Learned
The new site improved significantly in terms of user engagement metrics such as increased time spent on site, higher page views, and more conversions. In this project, we realized how valuable it is to have user-centric design principles and iterative testing in providing successful UI/UX solutions.

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